Trying to create NodeBB/GhostCMS Dockerfile. NodeBB Docker repo missing?

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    @sharonyue said in where am I supposed to upload if I want to access

    My domain is, I want to access for verfication. Which folder am I supposed to upload this Bw3lRApMc4.txt file?

    I tried to set up the nginx:


    location /Bw3lRApMc4.txt { alias /nodebb/Bw3lRApMc4.txt; }

    Is the alias path the actual path? I presume nginx has access to that dir? I might suggest stashing that file in a dedicated dir of it's own rather than have misc. stuff in your nodebb root dir. Else maybe /nodebb/public.

    Here is the snippet I use for dehydrated:

    location ^~ /.well-known/acme-challenge { alias /var/www/dehydrated; }

    The caret tilde (^~) modifier turns off regex matching. No modifier at all means location is interpreted as a prefix match. In any case, I am unsure what your config at large is and what you are trying to accomplish but I suspect you need to tweak the modifier on you location statement, e.g. maybe an equals sign (=)??

    Here's a link to the nginx location directive docs. Adapt accordingly?

    This just a quick look. Not an nginx guru and I need some coffee so I may have missed the obvious?

    Good luck!

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    @oplik0 +1 on the Jitsi stuff. Don't know jack about the code. I have been following that project since its very early days. Impressive and sustained progress, it makes. No flash in the pan, one or two shot wonder preceding an exit strategy, were they. Impressive. 👍

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    I tried looking at their stylesheet but was very confused. I want my hot, trending, etc tags to be in the middle under my banner (I removed them currently because it looked terrible with my submission text box being moved up). Can anyone help me figure out what codes I need to center the tags but keep the submission text box near the top when people click on submit a new link or submit a new text post buttons xvideos Xnxx xxx

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    I just upload that xml to Baidu. The URL's number is within my expectation. Thanks Julian.


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    I'm trying to create a user via php to be recognized by nodebb authentication form. I do this via predis, so I can talk to redis via php.
    This is the relevant part of the code that creates a user in redisdb for nodebb in php:

    But sadly, when I tried to login with such created account via php it didn't work and said "User does not exists".
    I checked all 'legit' userdata with my userdata created by php and I can't detect any flaws

    This is what I told php to create in redis, it's all verified and there:

    populate 'user:#' with 22 key's where # is uid populate 'email:uid' with user email and uid populate 'group:registered-users:members' with uid populate 'users:joindate' with 0 and uid populate 'users:joindate' with 0 and uid populate 'users:postcount' with 0 and uid populate 'reputation' with 0 and uid populate 'username:uid' with username and uid populate 'userslug:uid' with userslug and uid

    What am I missing :C??? I checked redis and the data is all their, but nodebb says the user does not exists

    EDIT: I checked the users tab in admin and saw that the username is there that was created from php. After I press the save button on the profile edit page of that profile, that account can then login! how strange. I'm going to do more digging until someone knows what i'm missing here.

    EDIT 2: I forgot slugifying userslug:uid in redis. Finally fix it 🙂