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  • i want to write code to custom import (from old phpbb system, but with custom requirements).
    I wrote at first a nice code that work via the API (write plugin, with global key)
    But I understand that this is not the right way for import job:

    • i cant insert the original date of old post
    • i receive error of "to-many-post"... (many many and fast)

    I understand that I have to work directly with the database, but I'm afraid I will not do it properly - I did not find a documentation of what to do with adding a topic, or a replay. I also feel a danger of ingorn all the validation and logic of nodebb system.

    I'd love to know how you do

  • Your best shot is probably to fork off https://github.com/psychobunny/nodebb-plugin-import-phpbb and use nodebb-plugin-import with your custom modifications.

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    @julian said in is nodebb the right choice ? why the community is not vary "active "? installed nodebb and finds it vary enjoyable so far, where is everyone?:

    I will say this, however... I refuse to believe that humanity will stoop to the lowest common denominator. Yes, maybe we'll go through phases where we just send memes to one another, but we will always rise above and return to a medium where long-form content is shared and appreciated. We will always need long-form journalism, and yes, even forum software for in-depth discussion.

    This is a great point. Long-form responses that actually explain something add far more weight and value in my view. I'm no fan of the tldr brigade, and it's just being lazy. Yes, I appreciate that (in the case of my forum which offers solutions) people are keen to get to the bottom line, but if you don't read the thread in it's entirety, what did you learn exactly ?

    The answer? Nothing - you just got the answer which you won't remember when the same issue occurs in the future 🙂

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    @julian Thanks, I'm aware of suggested topics, we're already using that but it gets topics from other categories too. Which doesn't work when you just want to focus on certain type of topics (a category) only.

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    Hey there. Basically I have a forum around the same size as yours. I moved from myBB to NodeBB.

    I am using NodeBB since almost a year now.

    Security isn't an issue. There have been some XSS vulnerabilities here and there, but these have been patched within a few hours.

    Updating NodeBB is easy as well, you just run git pull, stop your forum, run ./nodebb upgrade and then start it again. No need to restart NodeJS or Redis/Mongo.

    Setting up a system running PHP and NodeJS is fairly simple. Maybe take a look at my tutorial "High performance stack".

    Moving NodeBB is pretty simple too. Just copy all the files to your new machine and run ./nodebb start. Thats it (assuming you have your stack installed of course).

    NodeBB automatically chooses the right language for your user. At least my members got their mother language. Alternatively the users can set the language in their profile settings.

    My forum is using a Redis database. It takes around 500-700MB RAM, not a big deal for me, but depends on your server of course.

    To contribute to the NodeBB translations you can check Transifex and participate.

    If you want I can help you doing the movement. Feel free to drop me a message.

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    Yes, its doable. On my roadmap for the blog comments plugin is an adapter to allow it to work for any unique page (be it a blog, video, etc) rather than write a unique adapter for each software as I am doing now.

    It's in the long term though, if you're willing to sponsor development I'd move it up otherwise stay tuned 🙂

  • MyBB to NodeBB Importer?

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    @bentael Thanks for getting back to me and for all your help. In the end, Nifty took over my access to DigitalOcean and managed to set up Nodebb with my Mybb import.
    It didn't work out the way he wanted, he had to dump on my droplet, the install he had worked out on his own computer with the import already included.

    His guess was that my droplet was fighting the import since I had chosen the 512mo ram plan.