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    Hey guys,

    it's been a while 😉

    I've created a plugin for email domain-name filter specification (whitelists, blacklists, both):

    GitLab link | npm link

    It's possible to specify just any patterns for domain-name matching, like shown within the examples.

    It utilizes a matching module (ns-matcher) written by myself because I haven't found any matching modules for order-relevant tasks.

    So if you find any bugs, please report them 😄


    Comments (shown with //) are not allowed within the actual syntax (yet).

    Simple whitelist:

    email.example.com  // Allow email.example.com
    email.*.example.com  // Allow email.XYZ.example.com
    **.email.abc.example.com  // Allow email.abc.example.com and all (deep) sub-domains
    !email.abc.example.com  // Deny email.abc.example.com (sub-domains are still allowed)

    Blacklists using negative patterns:

    **  // Allow everything
    !**.example.com  // Deny example.com and all (deep) sub-domains
    email.example.com  // Allow email.example.com

    I hope this will be useful, at least I needed it myself 😉

    Btw I know the plugin name might be misleading due to the possibility of blacklists/mixtures as well, but I did publish after a long coding session xD sorry.

    Pings due to feature requested: @fasterthan @kalihman

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    Awesome! I'm sure some of our clients would like to see this activated as well 😃

  • Gamers

    Good to know so much active dev on node BB. We made a good decision choosing Node bb for our forum.

  • Welcome back @frissdiegurke 🙂

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