Big size of nodebb.sessions in MongoDB

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  • Hi. I have a little problem with MongoDB storage - my collection named "nodebb.sessions" grows too fast after only few month of live working
    "name": "nodebb.sessions",
    "count": 2821032,
    "size": 687468454,
    "avgObjSize": 243,
    "storageSize": 304398336,
    "totalIndexSize": 215842816,
    "indexSizes": {
    "id": 188940288,
    "expires_1": 26902528
    can I truncate it? or something else happened with forum? or its normal& thanks in advise.

  • In mongo cli you can run db.sessions.find().pretty() and check the max age and expires values, see if there is anything wrong there.

  • Thanks. here is output
    "_id" : "zudIEAcDN-TdO1EoY8ezdf_TEd6btx3a",
    "session" : "{"cookie":{"originalMaxAge":1209600000,"expires":"2017-11-18T15:29:02.913Z","secure":true,"httpOnly":true,"path":"/"}}",
    "expires" : ISODate("2017-11-18T15:29:02.913Z")
    "_id" : "yoLR3qVOSjfv3_lEjza0FKKcgagQJ24P",
    "session" : "{"cookie":{"originalMaxAge":1209600000,"expires":"2017-11-23T06:12:31.671Z","secure":true,"httpOnly":true,"path":"/"}}",
    "expires" : ISODate("2017-11-23T06:12:31.671Z")
    "_id" : "15-HQ7qqcI6mlu2I7w569qtteZm2fkIm",
    "session" : "{"cookie":{"originalMaxAge":1209599999,"expires":"2017-11-30T12:25:04.445Z","secure":true,"httpOnly":true,"path":"/"}}",
    "expires" : ISODate("2017-11-30T12:25:04.445Z")
    what do you think - is everything normal?

  • Looks normal, the first entry should expire and get removed from the sessions collection in 2 days, you can check back and see if it was actually removed. Do you have a lot of traffic?

  • Thanks - I will check. Not a lot of traffic for now, but few days ago it was ddos attack on us - may it be the reason of my trouble?

  • That would certainly do it, you can remove all the sessions from that date by running a mongo query if you want.

  • Thanks a lot and for fast answer!

  • Everything good. session was sucsessfully deleted after expired. and NodeBB has good resistant to attacks like ddos under 1.5 million requests by day!

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