Redactor 3.0.3 Bugs in NodeBB 1.6.1

  • Hi Folks,

    (Note: tagging @julian since he seems to be the keeper of the Redactor GitHub.)

    We recently upgraded from an older version of NodeBB to 1.6.1. Everything is working well, except that the Redactor editor has become really funky as a result. (Previously it worked quite well for us.)

    BUG 1: There seems be confusion about about the difference between the start of a line and the end of a line when making selections.


    In a new post do the following:

    1. Type "This is the first line"
    2. Insert a picture
    3. Type "This is the second line"
    4. Select "This is the select line", dragging from the "T" and continuing on to the "." after the word "line"


    1. Press the delete key.
    2. Text and the picture are deleted.

    If I undo that operation, I see this:


    showing that it somehow believed that the picture and the text were selected before the delete.

    This is by far the most annoying of the three bugs I'm listing here.

    BUG 2: Likewise, if I select Line 2 and Line 3 as shown below – dragging from the 'L' of Line 1, and ending with the '3' of Line 3 – you see this:

    0_1510089728286_Screen Shot 2017-11-07 at 10.21.28 PM.png

    which is correct. But if I think choose the "1.2.3." button to number it, I get this.

    0_1510089779438_Screen Shot 2017-11-07 at 10.22.41 PM.png

    Which is not correct, since I did not select Line 1 at all.

    So, it would seem that a selection at the start of a line is interpreted as being at the end of the previous line.

    BUG 3: On a fresh line, click the "I" button for Italics. Type some text. Now click the "I" button again to go back to normal text. Type another key. All good.

    But, then try the following: Command (Control) I to turn Italics on – "I" button switches to "I" state. Type some text. Command (Control) I to turn Italics off. Button switches to "off" state. Type another character. Italics are turned back on!

    Interestingly, the "B" for Bold key does not have this bug.

    It would be great to get these things fixed. My users are not the types that would enjoy the normal composer. We really need a solid WYT (Type) IWYG editor.

    If others using Node BB 1.6.1 and Redactor 3.0.3 are not seeing the same problems (i.e., it's somehow isolated to us) then please let me know here.


  • GNU/Linux Admin

    Hi Mark,

    Unfortunately, the text selection and bold/italic bugs aren't managed by myself, but rather the Redactor team, and so I believe you may have to take up the issue with them.

    We periodically update the core Redactor code with new versions, although I believe the latest version we have right now is from February, so many fixes could have landed since then. I will request a new version of the redactor code 🙂

    Edit: Actually, nope, February 2017 seems to be their latest version 😦

    Are you on 3.0.3 of redactor plugin? I can't reproduce the bold/italic bug

  • @julian said in Redactor 3.0.3 Bugs in NodeBB 1.6.1:

    Are you on 3.0.3 of redactor plugin

    Yes, we're on NodeBB 1.6.1 and Redactor 3.0.3. It's interesting that you can't repro this. Could there be something about our setup that is causing the bug? Is there a NodeBB site running 1.6.1 where I could try the Redactor setup myself to try to repro it?

    Best Wishes,

  • @julian said in Redactor 3.0.3 Bugs in NodeBB 1.6.1:

    I can't reproduce the bold/italic bug

    I didn't specify my platform or browser. I'm working with Mac OS with Safari and Chrome.

    I just created a Fresh NodeBB forum at to test this issue so that I can ensure it's not something specific to our site. I'll had to refine my reproduce case for Bug #1, but now it seems totally reproducible for both Safari and Chrome. (See edit to Bug #1 in my original post.)

    Bugs 2 + 3 were immediately reproducible on Safari, but Bug 3 did not happen on Chrome.

    So the summary is:

    Mac OS Desktop: Safari = all three bugs happen
    Mac OS Desktop: Google Chrome = bugs 1 + 2 happen

    Finally, the same tests performed on a Redactor test page

    Redactor Test Page

    did not exhibit the bugs.

    I've emailed the Redactor team to see if they can do anything about this as well. (Note that there was no bug with using the command keys to Bold an item... just when italicizing.)

    Best Wishes,

  • @julian There are updates to redactor after February...

  • GNU/Linux Admin

    Oh good. Chances are it's resolved in a newer release. Will reach out and see if I can snag a download.l

  • @julian said in Redactor 3.0.3 Bugs in NodeBB 1.6.1:

    Will reach out and see if I can snag a download

    Any news on this?

    If there's anything I can do to help with this process, please let me know. It's a bummer to have gone from something that was working perfectly to something that has several annoying bugs.

    Best Wishes,

  • GNU/Linux Admin

    Unfortunately not yet. The history behind our use of Redactor is a little weird. A helpful contributor purchased an open source license of Redactor for use in NodeBB (and paid quite a bit for it, too!). So he technically owns the license and allows us to use it.

    Redactor didn't like that much, so they no longer offer the open source license for purchase (even though now we are more than capable of purchasing it now), meaning we (as a company) can not purchase Redactor for use in nodebb-plugin-composer-redactor. The contributor is able to retrieve new versions, however, and give it to us.

    I've sent a message to this contributor and am waiting for a response 😃

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