Are there any integrations to support portals or ticketing systems? (Zendesk, JIRA Service Desk)?

  • FreeBSD/OpenBSD

    I am looking for a solution that also allows to directly create a support ticket out of a forum discussion. The community should try to help themselves, however if necessary they should be able to directly trigger a support case out of the discussion.

    A ticket should be created and the support staff be notified about that (which is already business of the ticketing software). However, he/she should be able to quickly jump to the link of the discussion as well.

    I assume this is a bi-directional integration and I am interested specifically if something like that exists for JIRA Service Desk or Zendesk Support?

  • Admin

    Hi @markus9876 -- the only sort of integration we have right now is github-embed. However, getting Zendesk or JIRA integration is something the NodeBB team is interested in building, so if you want to sponsor this sort of development (as we don't use either of those tools at the moment), please give us a shout at and we can respond back with a quote 😄


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