Is there any anti spam plugin or something

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    @Cookie said in Reducing SPAM Posts, But Minimizing False Positives:

    Disabled "About me" and "Signature" profile elements as the "Spam Be Gone" plugin does not check these

    This, I feel, will help us a lot. We have a lot of bots using this vector and really see essentially no legitimate usage of it.

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    Previously the new theme / plugin was released occasionally. Recently a new theme / plugin does not appear. Do you have any particular reason for this?

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    Thanks! Much appreciated.

    Sorry for the late reply, didn't notice the notification until now.

    Do you happen to know about a bug that breaks the links in the Featured Topics boxes? I've tried three different plugins now that display featured topics and on each one the links are broken.

    The "Suggested Topics" and "Popular Posts of the Day" both work, but Featured links don't.

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    @Armadillo said:

    I also got messages to work, but there is a large amount of 15% which hasn't been imported. I'll see if I can find the reason.

    Again. You can send your mysqldump (send an email to plugin author) and your issue may be resolved.

    I already fixed it myself.

  • The spam is real.

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    A couple of points for you guys to consider. First time poster here, But I manage some large forums that rank for lots of high value keywords.

    Our line of defence on vBulletin is as follows:

    Registration - Passed to StopForumSpam (this allows us to gauge the threat of the email address used and the IP address used). New users are not allowed to post links - configurable post count. Posts are passed to Akismet to gauge their spam levels.

    Even with this, we still get hit every now and then with manual spam from SEO agencies in various parts of the world - some parts of the world are worse than others. For those we use broad CIDR bans at the firewall levels.