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    Is there a way to only see the posts by one user in a topic?
    (I did a cursory search of plugins but couldn't find one either).


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    No ideas? 😞

    The link to the source of the plugin is : nodebb-plugin-ns-login

    I want to replace the res.json(user); line 103 by the total unread for the user... but i'm not familiar with nodebb code architecture and don't know how to get this value... i hope somebody can help me^^

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    @a_5mith I fully understand that. I come from SMF, in terms of the software my community was using.

    But I am saying I've had a very serious problem before, where no time limits were set on deletion and edification. One previous member had the time and energy to go through their 200+ forum history and erase everything.

    Once bitten, twice shy. If I have to mod something but the feature still technically 'exists' (as in, it's only a cover-up on the ui) then I don't feel safe using the software.

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    @zenkamal ha, thanks, only one or two small issues I had to worry about, nothing too major. 😄
    I got to the point where I could either wait a bit longer, or just get the transfer done, so I voted just do it and deal with any issues after.

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    Will resetting the plugin do the job (as in nodebb reset plugin persona ) ?