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  • The NodeBB team is pleased to release v1.6.1, a bugfix/patch release, for general consumption.

    v1.6.1 is considered a patch release and there are few changes to note. By-and-large, this is a bugfix release and serves to address a couple of regressions and update failures that were experienced by some admins during the v1.6.0 launch.

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  • Thanks @julian @baris for awesome work !

    Based on my current usage of node bb I have following suggestions for you for your next update. It would be awesome if you guys can take these under consideration.

    • The list option in post editor does not really work like a numbered list, I can't just hit enter and have a new number and new item.
    • Instead i have to manually put a * to make it a new point.
    • Can we please allow picture sharing & videos sharing/uploading in the private chat? With a small upload button, so that users can upload pics/gifs/videos from their laptop/device and upload and send it to other users in private chat. Trust me its a simple thing but very useful. Quora does it.
    • Can we have a new page on node bb , in a reddit style way, show lists of topics with upvotes sorted by descending order ?
    • Can we please have support for emos in private chat and shout box? I tried the plugins but they dont seem to work.
    • Can we have a personal picture section or user profile gallery just like Facebook albums, where users can upload their pics and others can like/upvote or comment on them? This will make huge difference,
    • A page like Quora news feed where we can see list of topics from all the users or categories which we are following. This will keep users engaged on the platform.
    • A block feature for users where we can block users so that we dont see their posts, messages etc. ?
    • Are we going to have a Node bb mobile app ever?

    I know you guys are very busy! But I highly appreciate your consideration on these requests in the next update 🙂

    PS: I did voted for you for the CMS Critic awards. 🙂

    Many Thanks

  • @faizanzahid said in NodeBB v1.6.1 Release:

    Are we going to have a Node bb mobile app ever?

    Is there a reason to have a NodeBB mobile app? NodeBB is developed as a public forum/community portal (and web-app), there is no argument in favor of creating separate mobile apps. Excluding a few hardcore members, would anyone install that app?

    Mobile apps would give you:

    • native User Interface, pointless: possible via web
    • hardware Accessibility (camera, microphone, accelerometer, etc.), pointless: why?
    • notifications are possible with a simple app that loads NodeBB into built-in browser and loads certain important event notifications via API, pointless: too specific, not enough arguments
    • efficiency: a community that really needs it, should build and maintain the apps (maybe open-source it) and use NodeBB API

    A mobile app would be justified if:

    • very complex calculations would be performed
    • native functionality or processing would be required
    • no internet-connection functionality required

    In case someone would want to have a mobile app for a specific purpose, where some of the above-mentioned features are handy, the community owner has to create the task-specific app, using NodeBB API if that's the case.

    For administration? Alerts? Admin app can be easily created even using a cross platform mobile development suites (we may post one for iOS if there is a need, we're still debating).

    Also, NodeBB is created using JS+HTML. Mobile OS systems are going this direction as well, until the NodeBB mobile app would be ready, maybe there in no reason left at all 😐

    Let me know if I am wrong but I don't see a solid argument for a mobile app. Creating and maintaining for iOS/Android would probably be a very bad idea; it takes pointless amount of time for no apparent reason but again, please prove me wrong if I missed something.

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  • @h7 said in NodeBB v1.6.1 Release:

    ut I don't see a solid argument for a mobile app. Creating and mainta

    Hi H7 thanks for your comments.

    The reason I think we need app are below:

    • Users need to access forums with 1 click on their phones, it is great that node bb is already 100% responsive but Reddit also has an app still i guess? So does Quora. I really think Node bb can beat Quora which is also a kind of forum one day.
    • The use of camera, microphone access will allow users to talk to each other let's say make voice calls or video calls, which will be like Skype and it will turn into an awesome community.
    • Or may be Node bb simple releases some update or add html meta tags in header where if a user comes from mobile browser, it should give a popup on android and Ios to add this website to their home screen. Atleast this will allow users to have the forum available in 1 tap.

    That's all what I think....

    PS: Also, I think we should have pagination on the popular page so that we can see older popular topics too... on this page ..

  • Actually, you can add NodeBB to your home screen already... should work on both Android and iOS.

    However we don't show an alert for it because we find it obtrusive... I personally can't stand sites where I have to spend a couple seconds closing the two or three modals or overlays it shoves in my face when I want to read something, and that is reflected in how we don't do any of that in NodeBB.

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