• Hello

    I'm back after some time and have not used ubuntu for a good while.

    super easy to install noddebb local on my imac

    But when I try to install nodebb on ubuntu (DigitalOcean) the installation is killed all the time.

    Killed ....] | extract:nodebb-theme-persona: sill gunzTarPerm extractEntry src/snippets/ftl

    Killed ....] \ extract:zxcvbn: sill doParallel extract 651

    Killed ...] | extract:debug: sill gunzTarPerm modified mode [ 'lib/js-yaml/type/merge.js',

    What am I doing wrong? and how do I solve the problem??

  • GNU/Linux Admin

    That's a peculiar error, never seen that before.

    Where and when do you see it?

  • Hey Julian... It was when i try to run install with npm install --production. But it works fine now after i increasing the swapfile size to 4GB...

  • GNU/Linux Admin

    @darwin Awesome! Glad to hear it, 😄

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