Login Unsuccessful Invalid login credentials error..

  • @mks5809 Are you using that port when you connect to the site? The URL value has to equal the actual URL being used. So the user would need to enter https://mykoreansurgery.com:6379 to get to your page and login successfully.

  • yes! I am using exactly what was written in config.json

    Only problem is trying to login to my administrator account..It keeps prompting "Login Unsuccessful Invalid login credentials error" with the login/password I stated in the config.json file.

  • Global Moderator Plugin & Theme Dev

    You don't specify the admin username and password in the config.json file. The ones in the config.json file are only for the database access. The ones for admin user were specified separately when you ran ./nodebb setup

  • Login Unsuccessful
    We were unable to log you in, likely due to an expired session. Please try again

    i reinstalled and made sure to set up the Administrator account:

    Administrator username Admin
    Administrator email address .....gmail.com
    Confirm Password
    Creating welcome post!
    Enabling default plugins
    9/9 05:12:39 [11064] - info: [install/defaultPlugins] customDefaults
    9/9 05:12:39 [11064] - info: [install/enableDefaultPlugins] activating default plugins 0=nodebb-plugin-composer-default, 1=nodebb-plugin-markdown, 2=nodebb-plugin-mentions, 3=nodebb-widget-essentials, 4=nodebb-rewards-essentials, 5=nodebb-plugin-soundpack-default, 6=nodebb-plugin-emoji-extended, 7=nodebb-plugin-emoji-one

    still no luck 😞

  • @pitaj
    [email protected]:~/nodebb# ./nodebb log

    Hit Ctrl-C to exit

    9/9 05:13:33 [11136] - info: [plugins/emoji-one] Initial startup detected. Downloading emojione assets...
    9/9 05:13:33 [11136] - info: Routes added
    9/9 05:13:33 [11136] - info: NodeBB Ready
    9/9 05:13:33 [11136] - info: Enabling 'trust proxy'
    9/9 05:13:33 [11136] - info: NodeBB is now listening on:
    9/9 05:13:37 [11136] - info: [plugins/emoji-one] Emoji are ready.
    9/9 05:14:15 [11136] - error: /login
    invalid csrf token
    9/9 05:14:40 [11136] - error: /login
    invalid csrf token

  • just changed my config.json file from my webURL.com:6379 to localhost:6379
    and somehow I am still able to access my webURL.com:6379 and able to log in to the account.. Although I am getting the "connection to nodebb is lost, attempting to reconnect" box on the right hand corner of the webpage.
    I restarted and turned off terminal ect ect and still the same thing

  • Not sure if this is causing any issues or not but I cannot register as a new user either. It keeps throwing Registration Error . We are unable to log you in, likely due to an expired session. Please try again

    9/9 06:02:31 [11705] - error: Error: listen EADDRINUSE
    at Object.exports._errnoException (util.js:1020:11)
    at exports._exceptionWithHostPort (util.js:1043:20)
    at Server._listen2 (net.js:1258:14)
    at listen (net.js:1294:10)
    at net.js:1404:9
    at _combinedTickCallback (internal/process/next_tick.js:83:11)
    at process._tickCallback (internal/process/next_tick.js:104:9)
    9/9 06:02:31 [11705] - error: NodeBB address in use, exiting...
    3 restarts in 10 seconds, most likely an error on startup. Halting.

  • Global Moderator Plugin & Theme Dev

    EADDRINUSE means there's already a process using that port, probably another NodeBB instance that wasn't shut down. Look up "kill process on specific port" to figure out how to fix that. It sounds like you're having socket.io issues, most likely caused by setting the url in config.json to a different one (localhost) than the one at which you are accessing your site (webURL.com).

    Also, try clearing cookies before logging in.

  • Global Moderator Plugin & Theme Dev

    Also, that guide you are using is super old, I'd suggesting using the guide on our actual docs instead:

  • @pitaJ thank you for the help!
    If it is socket.io issues do you have any pointers in how to fix it by any chance?

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