How to Customize the URL? Would Prefer Shorter URL

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    For a quick & dirty solution, I would create HTML widget and insert into Global header.

    In Appearance -> Custom Javascript, I would add the magic here.
    You can upload the images into Public folder and then create an array in the javascript.

    You can grab the title via the <meta name="title" content="Cat title"> tag and match it up with the images array. This is very manual so every time you change the category name you'll have to change in the javascript code as well. I take it though category name won't change that much when Live.

    I have not tried this yet as It's just in theory.

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    @muonx basically your moderators can delete or edit posts.

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    @bentael After some pause, I think I'm ready to work on custom importer. After some investigation I have found, that Importer works with classic/basic entities. Even If I will create custom importer, for example nodebb-plugin-import-ipboard-very-custom, import plugin will use only designed methods (I will be able to import additional fields) like: setup, getPaginatedUsers, getPaginatedCategories, getPaginatedTopics, getPaginatedPosts, and several utility methods like logging, testRun, etc.

    My question: as author of importer, what do you recommend to do if I want to import additional entities? (Example: awards)

    What I want to accomplish after import: Import of standard data: topics, categories, posts, users - It's simple and clear Import custom user fields without altering User document for future plugin use Import additional entity - Awards for future plugin use Import additional entity - Points(like reputation, but isn't part of user table) for future plugin use
  • custom meta tag

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    @psychobunny said:

    <meta name="custom" content="custom meta tag" />

    Thank so much. He He.

  • Custom branding

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    Lmao. It basically overwrites the 5 branding colours of your Bootstrap theme (ex. @brand-primary) to whatever colours you want.