• I went through this as well. Tough to turn away from NodeBB because it does have great potential, but putting it into a full production environment without dedicated staff to maintain or build your own plugins is just too risky.

    I ended up deploying with Discourse, but I do wish that the team on Flarum would pick up the pace.

  • @shinyidol I've read your topic as well. Definitely agree with you.
    Its actually sad that even a plain forum as Kunena works more flawless than this.

    For me Kunena will the next thing to roll with, especially because of its simplicity, straight forward use, Joomla integration and Tapatalk support. If it won't be any good, I will just convert it to something else. 😉

    About Flarum - I check it regularly, but have no real hopes on it. I used esoTalk and FluxBB for testing purposes and both forums were buggy as hell. Not sure if this is anyhow going to change with Flarum.

  • Strongly agree with OP and want to say goodbye also....

    Ive been using NodeBB from beginning and here is what I smapped on :

    1. Installing BB as a subPixer is fuckass

    PIX !Q


  • GNU/Linux Admin

    I assume you meant subfolder?

    Why did you never come here for help? NodeBB works perfectly fine in a subfolder environment.

  • Not sure if troll or just mad.

    Nonetheless, as julian said. First ask for help and then get cocky. But coming here cocky first is definitely the false way.

  • NodeBB is not for everyone.

  • GNU/Linux

    I have to agree with the OP, there def needs to be more core feature support for things and a better composer. Other than that its good. But yeah seems most people using Discourse these days.

  • I'm developing a NodeBB app on Android.

  • All I'm going to say is that you will be mistreated if you use MyBB (by their community). I'm not going to post the link to my rant here but send me a chat message if you want to hear more about my horrible experience.

  • @hyb1996

    how is it going?

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