Unsolved Unable to run on specific port

  • After upgrading to 1.5.x version from 1.4.x, nodebb could only run on instead of port 4567 set in the config.json. I am pretty sure that there's no process listening on port 4567.

    Here's the my config.json

        "url": " mystieurl",
         "secret": "secret number",
         "database": "mongo",
               "mongo": {
                 "host": "",
                "port": "27017",
               "username": "usr",
                "password": "pass",
              "database": "db"

  • @kinchtwck You should specify http:// or https:// in the url property.

    pretty sure there's no process

    Well, you can use lsof -i tcp:4567 to check for sure

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