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  • It would be pretty usueful to I, as an admin of my NodeBB Forum, be able to choose wich users I allow to create/delete Chat Rooms, and give the admin the power of choosing not only users, but groups and several users canned in a Chat Room.
    This may seem like a nonsense, but it's actually pretty needed for enviroments like mine. I use NodeBB with Mattermost, and all the admins agreed in the disablement of the InForum Chat, but this is some kind of a trouble, beacuse when I need to speak to a user about a problem on his account, or something, and he is not loged into Mattermost, I have to use other means of contact with that user.

  • as a temporary solution, you could just use email

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    It is different than pinning a topic to a category, it essentially puts an important message in a pinned message area so it is easy to find/reference it later. Check slack/discord for an example.

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    One of the things im starting to like on nodebb is the ability to create groups and have a little something for them like the header and users posts.

    If everything is over modules, why its not on widgets? I would love to have change some stuff on the fly like on custom pages plugin.
    Ex: show a particular category posts for that group.. show a possible calendar (this plugin this works?!) and so on...

  • nodebb setup aborted

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    soooooo, that worked. 🙂

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    Some kind of paging function would also be good for mobile devices where RAM is frequently at a high premium.

    NodeBB causes not-infrequent browser crashes on my iPad2 on longer threads. When I click a link that takes me to the 60th post in a thread or something, there is a long delay as the slower browser begins by loading the op oldest posts in batches. It would be good if there were a way to make it skip doing that and take me directly to the unread posts (without switching the full application to paged mode).

    Perhaps on mobile devices you could add a secondary navigation bar with the paging functions (arrows, "displaying X-Y of Z", etc).

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