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  • It would be pretty usueful to I, as an admin of my NodeBB Forum, be able to choose wich users I allow to create/delete Chat Rooms, and give the admin the power of choosing not only users, but groups and several users canned in a Chat Room.
    This may seem like a nonsense, but it's actually pretty needed for enviroments like mine. I use NodeBB with Mattermost, and all the admins agreed in the disablement of the InForum Chat, but this is some kind of a trouble, beacuse when I need to speak to a user about a problem on his account, or something, and he is not loged into Mattermost, I have to use other means of contact with that user.

  • as a temporary solution, you could just use email

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    @julian I think we've got it working albeit without the splitting out of objects to multiple collections. I think we'll probably tackle that as well, fortunately it should be relatively straight forward since the keys are already prefixed with a logical collection name e.g "post:1380" or "user:100".
    In the meantime we have some testing ahead of us to ensure that nothing breaks.
    We're happy to maintain it ourselves, but I think you guys should consider adding it as a core database. It gets NodeBB one step closer to being the first true "cloud native" forum platform. The only thing left would be splitting the UI from the API services and you would be all the way there.

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    I don't see why we would. Why do you ask?

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    I feel like the chats can get a little crowded or awkward when they have more than just two people in them. It would be nice if chats with more than two people showed the name of the chatroom instead of the names of all participants.

    See this image

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    I was thinking about a feature that lets website administrators to create a network of NodeBB instances where databases are synchronized to let users to communicate and comment on all sites from one site. Other features would be:

    If one administrator wants to leave the network, simply be able to disconnect his site from network. If a new administrator wants to join the network, he be able to do that (where network agree with joining of him)


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    @JaredBusch reach out to us at [email protected] maybe we can come to an agreement 😄