• Hey guys,

    I have recently purchased a hosted NodeBB forum. Amazing system, however I've been unable to change forum base url for already 2 days. I have made that A record in my DNS provider settings and that works fine, however when I visit the forum through my own domain, it says: "Looks like your connection to Maguss forum was lost, please wait while we try to reconnect."

    I think that is related to the fact that I am unable to change the forum base URL. It saves successfully but then every time I refresh and restart the forum, it reverts back to http://maguss.nodebb.com (I want http://forum.maguss.org)

    Thank you for any help!

  • NodeBB

    Hello, we will get this sorted out, for future support requests please email support@nodebb.org directly so we can respond faster.

  • It seems to be working fine now and the domain had changed, however now if I access the forum via the old url (http://maguss.nodebb.com) there is that message about trying to reconnect.

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