[nodebb-plugin-google-adsense] Google Adsense

  • But the most strange part is that google shows ads even without publisher ID and campagn ID specified, so I wonder who gets money for click ? Probably Google


    Yeah, I was wondering about that too. I checked the code and I did not see any publisher ID in it. The Evil Empire has to make money any way it can.

    One other thing you might want to take a look at: My ads stopped showing and now only shows the default ads from Google, even with my publisher ID specified. The most VIP thing to do, of course, would be to make it possible to use generic ad codes in there.

  • Nice work @dove 😉 totally destroyed my original plugin 😛 but this is good, one less plugin for me to have to update for 0.4x 😸

    I think a lot of people would find this useful. Thanks! 🙂

  • Had a few free mins again, so updated plugin.

    • Fixed bug when ad in post was displayed even if disabled in admin panel;
    • Made responsive height ad in post when enabled left or right position. For a short post ad will be 250x250 size, and for large post it will auto resize vertically to max of 600px.

  • @psychobunny said:

    Nice work @dove 😉 totally destroyed my original plugin 😛 but this is good, one less plugin for me to have to update for 0.4x 😸

    I think a lot of people would find this useful. Thanks! 🙂

    Haha, I saw your plugin, but I also saw this message "This plugin has been superceded by NodeBB's Widgets System, available as of v0.4.x.", so I thought that your probably won't update it any more 😄

  • @dove

    Awesome and thank you very much. Looking forward to the next feature upgrade - making it ad provider agnostic

  • pinging @dove, the plugin is still not working properly. My ads are no longer showing. Only the default ad from Google is showing.

  • @planner Did you try to clear your cache?

  • @dove

    Yes, I did. Some times it works, that is, shows my ads. Other times, it doesn't and shows a default ad. Perhaps we need a button on the ACP to clear the cache server-side.

    Right now, it looks like I have to clear the cache on every single page before the proper ad shows.

  • @planner
    Hm, Are you really running latest version? It should be 0.0.4. Because I have exactly same plugin installed here http://manutdforums.com it is working for me, can you check if it is working for you too?
    Edit: Try reinstalling plugin completely with npm remove nodebb-plugin-google-adsense and then npm install nodebb-plugin-google-adsense

  • @dove

    @dove, do you have the time to apply the solution suggested by @bentael here to the plugin, that is,, the use of action:ajaxifying, action:ajaxified, and action:page.load, so that the ads will load on every user activity. Right now the ads show only on browser refresh.

  • Small request: can you leave out the "http:" in the ad-sense URL in main.js? Now some browsers get a security warning when the forum is running with HTTPS. If you leave out the protocol, the browser will automatically user HTTP or HTTPS depending on what was used to load the page with the ad-sense link.

    Thanks a lot!.

  • @dove Is this plugin still working in this version.

  • The plugin seems to have some issues for me.

    The ad for inside the post (I have it on the right side) is working perfectly fine from what I can see.

    The bottom does not appear at all,

    If I activate the ad in header breaks my forum and makes it inaccessible to everyone.

    I have the latest version of nodebb.

  • hmm.. has anybody successfully run a site with Adsense?

    I know Adsense doesn't really work with Discourse because of Ajax (the 3 ad rule gets triggered--search the Discourse forum). I guess it doesn't work with Nodebb either?

    That would be a real bummer.

  • If nodebb can assemble the pages server-side so adsense will work, it would be a big advantage over Discourse.

    Not being able to use adsense is a dealkiller for a lot of people.

  • GNU/Linux Admin

    @art I believe our plugin works beyond 3 pages. @baris can confirm

  • NodeBB Admin

    I don't think google adsense works with ajax, however I managed to get http://www.google.ca/doubleclick/publishers/small-business/ working in a widget for more than 3 page views.

    I followed their guide and placed the code they give into the header of the page with the custom JS tab from ACP and then placed a widget that has this in it.

  • If you don't mind cold loading pages you can always disable ajaxify, that will serve a brand new page for every link and thus will be compatible with adsense.

    EDIT: The other possibility would be to cache your adsense html and serve the same ad for every page, until the user comes back or refreshes manually

  • Is it not possible each time a page has got a new focus, it reloads only the ad block with a js event? I don't know if I am clear ^^

  • Getting the error below for version 6.0 upload-0176f808-f1db-4095-8ea7-a45fe63e4ecc

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