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Technical Support
  • Somehow something in my config has changed. I can't spot it.

    Whenever the new topic/reply buttons are struck.. nothing happens. I get no logged messages for this. ./nodebb dev is being remarkably silent, really.

    Nor do I have errors in the browser console.

    I've dropped the firewall and set selinux to permissive, no change. I reset everything. I ran upgrade for giggles.


    I rolled back to the last checkout before my PR code and have the same behaviour.

    Any thoughts on what I can do to troubleshoot this further? It's a bit baffling.

  • Odd, no errors when you F5 either?

    Make sure composer default is enabled?

  • Finally got a chance to come back to this.


    That was mind numbingly stupid.

    So doing a ./nodebb reset -a probably shouldn't also disable the default composer. 🙂

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