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    I`a member of a forum relying on nodeBB and would like to save/export some chat discussions I had.
    Is there a way to do that ? The discussion is very long and was done on several months so a simple copy paste is not possible and even load the full discussion is very very long.
    At this time I didn't spent sufficient time to go back to make it fully loaded that's why I ask if there is a technical solution to do that in a smarter way
    Thanks by advance

  • Login problem 2.0.1

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    @murcs You can simply take the file from there and overwrite in your own install.

    For example, if you locate the plugin itself in your folder structure, then open library.js and change

    const utils = require.main.require('./public/src/utils');


    const utils = require.main.require('./src/utils');

    And rebuild, this should then work.

  • Plugins Problem

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    @yariplus This is runing i see (i cant solve it) but this is running in original version and all plugins start fine and i hevent error , but when i backup nodebb in Ubuntu and move it in Arch and in Debian plugins dont install(( one install another lost but nodebb starts fine.

    But this error i cant fix in original instalation i think this is not depend of my plugin problem

    error: NodeBB address in use, exiting...
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    Pulling from Master helped. However the webpage that starts NodeBB after setting up the DB through the webpage, doesn't restart it now. I had to kill the command line, and manually start nodeBB. But then it works fine. Just an FYI.

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    @Dim said:

    ".modal-backdrop {
    z-index: 0;
    } "

    .modal-backdrop { z-index: auto; }

    Would probably be preferable, since auto makes it behave like no z-index property has been specified (as is the case in the default Bootstrap theme used in lavender and persona) which makes the element inherit the z-index of its parent, whereas z-index: 0 forces the z-index to be, well, 0.