Some users ain't getting their group tags.

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    Okay, so I created a group for specific people which is private and hidden. I have about ten members in it, and only two of them do not have the tag. Does anyone have an idea how this is possible and how can I eventually resolve this and make sure that they, and everyone else which may join the group in the future will get their tags without issues?

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    Some users, if they have explicitly set their settings to show "no badge" will not have the group badge automatically selected. As an admin you can go in and select it for them, but ultimately it is their decision 😄

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    Hey @julian, I couldn't find the setting in a settings page 😧
    Am I looking at the right page if I'm going to their profile and then clicking the 'Settings' option?

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    It is on the edit profile page, so /user/<userslug>/edit

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