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    Hacktoberfest is an annual celebration by Digital Ocean, GitHub, Intel, and DEV Community to promote participation in open source projects, such as NodeBB. All you need to do is submit 4 pull requests within in the month of October!


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    @pichalite Thank you! šŸ™‚

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    Thanks for your response!
    So I would start writing the stuff... but I'm afraid it would be then limited to the functions that I'm using for my site, and of course some explanations depend on the theme that I'm using šŸ˜„

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    Had a few slight problems getting this working. It crashed my forum and my blog, which reside on separate servers. I'm running NodeBB 0.7.0-dev with a new Wordpress install.

    I installed the plugin and followed the guide on how to set it up. So all was working. I posted a blog article to test the comments engine (using forum plugin), and when I clicked the button under the article to send the article to the forum, it produced an error, which said I either had to be a member of publishers group or admin to post. I was logged into NodeBB as admin, and Wordpress too.

    My forum started grinding to a halt, throwing up 502 errors in the process.
    My blog collapsed and is currently sitting with a "Error establishing a database connection" notice. It's still like this, and i'll repair that when I get the chance.

    The strangest aspect however is that the blog DID post to the forum. 32,800 times, no less! You can see the topic here - I set up a category for the blog articles to be posted to.


    I realise to get a further insight i'll have to look into the error logs which I intend to do, but can anyone help? I've since removed the blog's server from DNS so it's no longer visitable through links and the forum is back to being the homepage.

  • Is nodebb for me?

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    Integration is always a tricky issue, since NodeBB is a full app in and of itself.

    Point your devs to our read APIs. Every link you see can be prepended with api/ to see the publically accessible API.

    e.g. https://community.nodebb.org/api/topic/2010/is-nodebb-for-me/3

    Obviously, protected pages will require an active session, but most of the pages are publically accessible anyway