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    @fgallese yes thank you. i saw it yesterday. I lost a lot of time for that little detail. Digital ocean console uses another character set

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    Actually, it was a backend issue šŸ˜ we update the forum fairly often, but not always for smaller issues like this one.

    I'll try to update it again today

  • NodeBB is expensive

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    The numbers listed in the pricing page is actually out of date. They were measured using NodeBB v0.5.0 šŸ™‚

    v0.6.x and beyond support much higher concurrent user loads, so we'll be updating these numbers to reflect the increased scalability.

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    Seems like you can vote each month again, as I just got this E-Mail

    Hi ApfelUser,

    Thank you for voting to add NodeBB to the Bitnami Library in our monthly contest. Unfortunately, they didn't receive enough votes to > > take the top spot last month.

    Meet Last Month's Winner - MeteorJS

    Still want to see NodeBB in the Bitnami Library? Each month is new chance to win! Vote for NodeBB again this month, and be sure to > > encourage your friends to vote too. You can vote for your favorite app each month until it wins.

    Good luck!

    The Bitnami Team

    So, please vote for NodeBB here

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    @julian pfff vestacp support is soooo bad.. instead i will create a snapshot of my droplet and then try to install the wstunnel module, if anything breaks i can revert back šŸ™‚

    i will message back if it works or not