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  • Hi,

    I am having another issue now. When I attempt to register a user, the client shows a ERR_SPDY_PROTOCOL_ERROR and the NodeBB logs show:

    User Data: [object Object]
    25/6 16:33:38 [12864] - error:  TypeError: Cannot set property 'uid' of undefined
        at /opt/bb/nodebb/src/user/create.js:65:18
        at nextTask (/opt/bb/nodebb/node_modules/async/dist/async.js:5273:14)
        at (/opt/bb/nodebb/node_modules/async/dist/async.js:5280:9)
        at Command.callback (/opt/bb/nodebb/node_modules/async/dist/async.js:906:16)
        at normal_reply (/opt/bb/nodebb/node_modules/redis/index.js:721:21)
        at RedisClient.return_reply (/opt/bb/nodebb/node_modules/redis/index.js:819:9)
        at JavascriptRedisParser.returnReply (/opt/bb/nodebb/node_modules/redis/index.js:192:18)
        at JavascriptRedisParser.execute (/opt/bb/nodebb/node_modules/redis-parser/lib/parser.js:574:12)
        at Socket.<anonymous> (/opt/bb/nodebb/node_modules/redis/index.js:274:27)
        at emitOne (events.js:96:13)
        at Socket.emit (events.js:188:7)
        at readableAddChunk (_stream_readable.js:176:18)
        at Socket.Readable.push (_stream_readable.js:134:10)
        at TCP.onread (net.js:547:20)
    25/6 16:33:38 [12864] - info: [app] Shutdown (SIGTERM/SIGINT) Initialised.
    25/6 16:33:38 [12864] - info: [app] Database connection closed.
    25/6 16:33:38 [12864] - info: [app] Web server closed to connections.
    25/6 16:33:38 [12864] - info: [app] Shutdown complete.
    [cluster] Child Process (12864) has exited (code: 1, signal: null)
    [cluster] Spinning up another process...

    From what I can see there, there is an error with the script that creates a new NodeBB user, resulting in the NodeBB process crashing and then restarting. What is happening?


  • Are you using any plugins that listen for filter:user.create ? That errors indicates userData is somehow being set to null or undefined possibly by a plugin.

  • What kind of plugins would that be? The only plugin I have that could be affecting registration is an anti-spam plugin (adds captcha and honeypot to registration page).

  • Type ./nodebb plugins in your nodebb folder to see active plugins.

  • Here's the output:

    27/6 22:33:12 [23259] - info: Active plugins: 
    	 - nodebb-plugin-composer-default
    	 - nodebb-theme-material
    	 - nodebb-plugin-markdown
    	 - nodebb-plugin-mentions
    	 - nodebb-widget-essentials
    	 - nodebb-rewards-essentials
    	 - nodebb-plugin-soundpack-default
    	 - nodebb-plugin-emoji-extended
    	 - nodebb-plugin-emoji-one
    	 - nodebb-plugin-dbsearch
    	 - nodebb-plugin-emailer-smtp-complete
    	 - nodebb-plugin-category-sections
    	 - nodebb-plugin-2factor
    	 - nodebb-plugin-add-registration-fields
    	 - nodebb-plugin-custom-homepage
    	 - nodebb-plugin-custom-pages
    	 - nodebb-plugin-spam-be-gone

    Not sure if any of those could be causing a conflict. Perhaps nodebb-plugin-add-registration-fields or nodebb-plugin-spam-be-gone?

  • Yep, the culprit is nodebb-plugin-add-registration-fields. Disabling it fixes the registration problem.

  • Make an issue on that plugins repository with your stack trace.

  • The addon works properly when the directions are followed correctly. (I didn't install the other plugin needed)

    This plugin was created to add custom fields to the registration page and link the data to custom profile fields generated using Nicolas Siver's Custom Fields Plugin.

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