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    We run NodeBB (without real users yet) and recently upgraded from 1.4.x to 1.5.1 (before going live and getting users). We use the plugin "Session Sharing for NodeBB" for user authentication. Local registration and login with email/password is completely deactivated. I have several questions regarding moderation within NodeBB:

    Is it possible in NodeBB 1.5.1 that an user A can ban an user B (for example by calling "Ban Account" within the profile of user B ) without user A being in the "Global Moderators" system group? If yes, how to a configure this? Reason is that I want different moderators for different categories (not being able to interfere with each other's work) but all those moderators shall be able to ban users.

    The blog entry about the release of NodeBB 1.5.0 mentions the possibility to flag user profiles. I don't see any way to flag a user profile, not even with my administrator account (which for example can ban the account). Is this actually possible? If yes, how to a configure this?

    When viewing a flag within "Flagged Content" there is a drop down box for "assignee". In its list are only the users of the "administrators " system group. How can I remove those from the list and add other users from other groups to the list?

    I would appreciate any hint on those issues.

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    Hey there,

    I believe bans can only be levied by Admins and Global Mods, this is intention as mods should only ever have power over the categories they moderate.

    Flagging users can be done from the user's profile, under the dropdown:


    (Don't worry, I didn't flag you 😄 )

    Assignees should also list all users with the Moderate privilege. If it doesn't show them, then it is possibly a bug...

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