multiple url support ?

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  • Hi everyone,
    I have a problem with URL on my nodebb server...
    I've 2 domain names for forum and they are linked to the forum directly ( and,
    In the config.yml I’ve set the first URL in URL config (
    But when I’m connecting via the other domain name my header is incorrect. I tried to replace the domain to IP address and the header is incorrect for all of my domains (but not for direct ip address I imagine).
    NodeBB doesn’t support the multiple url? Do I must redirect in nginx second domain to first domain? (So in waiting for solution I redirected my second domain to first)

  • I believe you'll need an nginx server block for each domain. In the second domain, use the nginx rewrite directive to change the url, anywhere before the proxy_pass directive.

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    Hi. Sorry for my bad english.
    I installed Nodebb, I really liked the forum. I think Nodebb is the best forum in the world.
    But 1 big drawback upset me.
    I did not find a solution how to enable transliteration cyrillic urls. It is very important in terms of seo.
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    @rod said in i want to play(mp4 file and mp4 url) in my web site how can i do it???:

    <a href="(.).mp4">[^<]</a>

    solved it~!!!!!


    write as like this (mp4 play and / mp4 url play on my own web)

    in nodebb-plugin-ns-embed

    it works..

    ----if embed mp4 url----

    <video id="$1" src="$1" controls style="width:800px"></video>
    <div><small><a href="$1" target="_blank">Download video</a></small></div>

    ------------------------- if mp4 file upload..---------- follow this
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    <video id="$1" src="/uploads/files/$1.mp4" controls style="width:800px"></video>
    <div><small><a href="/uploads/files/$1.mp4" target="_blank">Download video</a></small></div>

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    @meetdilip said:


    A few doubts,

    Copy files from folder to which we have installed ?

    The github repo, so you'd have a folder called nodebb with all of the nodebb files in, then a folder called nodebb2, which also contains all the nodebb files.

    Share the command to change port no. please..

    ./nodebb setup, but change :4567 to something else.

    How to assign new folder / installation to database 2 ?

    You answered this in your next post, change the 0 in database to 1.

    Should we run ./nodebb setup after copying the files ( installed ? ) to a new folder ?

    You will need to yes in order to set it up, you'll also need to run npm install to get the dependencies installed in that location.