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    I've been able to reproduce this. Working on finding the bug right now.

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    @jiangcaiyang It works if you do it right. It doesn't take LESS variables, but it does work. Odds are the less styles have higher specificity, so your custom CSS rules are not applied. Use !important or something instead. It will certainly benefit you to not be held back due to incompatibility with newer versions of NodeBB in the future.

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    @julian I have seen the 0.2.0 version of Persona in the admincp and the "only cleared to upgrade to v0.2.0" message with the 0.7.0. Ended up moving to the master / 0.7.1 branch to get rid of some issues which I could not figure out.

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    A user submitted image gallery where you can comment and rate pictures. <sigh> hopefully someday.

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    I can't actually watch/favourite, it gives me the "need to be logged in" error, but then redirects me to a 404. This forum doesn't have watch as a guest, but yours does, not sure if it's an ACP setting, but I don't recall seeing it. I've got a few bugs I've spotted whilst using my iPad that I'm going to put onto GitHub, but I'll do some more testing later into guest permissions.

    Edit:sorry, when I said replying and voting are fine, I meant they don't redirect, I can't actually reply or vote. 😄 I need sleep.