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    I somehow got it to v3.3.5 now. Please do not ask how 😉 I'm thinking about reinstalling to start cleanly.

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    @julian said in NodeBB v1.7.4 has been released!:

    Yes, it was release the 19th of February, which was just a patch release to resolve some minor regressions introduced in v1.7.4.

    Great! Thanks!

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  • Nodebb v1.3.0

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    NodeBB team release v1.3.0.

    Thats new:

    Add to post "replies to this post" link (expands/collapses the replies inline under the post) SSO plugins can to redirect users back to the page they were on User is able to restore deleted posts EU Cookies Notification/Warning Show original post/topic etc dates older than month (customizable) add registration queue approvals/rejections to the event log fix collision of button text in user picture changer on mobile/tablet devices refactor favourites (favourites become bookmarks) breaking change plugins and themes edit password screen can display validations default group chat name to usernames automatically deleting the topic with no posts (when moderator delete last undeleted post) allow regular moderators to access the general flagging interface textcomplete update to 1.7.2


  • Gotchas for v0.5.0

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    Related issue:

    This is another breaking change. It effects anyone using the hook filter:user.custom_fields and to add custom data to users on registration.

    If you were using filter:user.custom_fields to add new entries into the user object you can just switch the hook you are using to filter:user.create. No need to change anything else.

    If you are using to add new entries into the registration form and want these entries to get added into the user object you need to use the hook filter:user.custom_fields. In your plugin that adds new entries into the registration form just add a listener for filter:user.custom_fields and add the fields that you added to the form into the array passed in, here is a sample.

    // plugin.json { ... "hooks": [ { "hook": "filter:user.custom_fields", "method": "addCustomFields"} ], ... } //plugin code function addCustomFields(fields, callback) { fields.push('newCustomField1'); // must match the input name you added to regForm fields.push('otherCustomField1'); callback(null, fields); }

    After this when a new user registers they will have newCustomField1 and otherCustomField1 entries in their user object.

    @bentael nothing needs to be done for spam-be-gone since we don't want the captcha form entries in the database anyways.

    Before this change it was possible to add any field into the registration form client side and it was inserted into the database. Now only the fields that core and plugins specify are inserted.