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    Other than the untranslated "Already have an accout" It looks OK to me.


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    I installed a new forum on a heroku server and when I connect via it works great
    But when I connect through my domain it is written to me "welcome back guest" but really stayed disconnected
    (I only use a subdomain, at the domain root I use for another site, I use cloudflare I set ssl and force ssl)
    I would be happy to help, thanks

  • Redirect after login?

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    Here's what I ended up doing. Feels reeealy hacky.

    in footer.tpl

    window.addEventListener('DOMContentLoaded', function () { $(window).on('action:ajaxify.contentLoaded', function(data) { // attach to all login/reg buttons except for the login and register buttons on the login page. $("a[href$='/login'], a[href$='/register']").not('#login').not('#login__no-acct').each(function(i, el){ $(el).off('click').on('click', function(){ window.setCookie('login:referrer', window.location.href, 10); }); }); }); }); </script>

    in profile.tpl

    <script> var referrer = window.getCookie('login:referrer'); if (referrer && window.getCookie('login:shouldRedirect')) { window.setCookie('login:shouldRedirect', '', 0) window.setCookie('login:referrer', '', 0) window.location.href = referrer; } </script>

    in registerComplete.tpl

    <script> window.setCookie('login:shouldRedirect', 'true', 10); </script>

    ...and attaching setCookie/getCookie on window in header.

    Probably could do this all with client-side hooks now that I understand them though.

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    Couple things to check.

    Payload size, are they different between a logged in user and guest? Which page is this happening on? All pages or just a specific page? Do you have any custom plugins?
  • SSO google- no icon @login page?

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    I found that google's sso button is in the edit in the profile, but after clicking it shows not found.Currently I am using ssl reverse proxy, do I need to configure redirects?