No mailer plugins show config page, at all

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    I have tried every single mailer plugin, and enabled, and activated, and restarted/reloaded nodebb, yet I still cannot see the plugins configuration page at all.

    no matter which plugin I use for mailing.

    Please advise.

    This is all I see in the plugins drop down. No matter what I do, and I'm fairly dev savvy. I have tried 3 different mailer plugins, but nothing ever shows up in plugins config list.

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    What version of NodeBB? What version of the emailer plugins? Are there any errors in the log?

    Were you trying to have multiple emailer plugins active at the same time?

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    Hello PitaJ, thanks for a prompt response.

    I just came by to post an Update: I had given up until I got a reply from the gurus here, but then I discovered that I had closed my browser, restarted it, and apparently it started to show the new plugins in the config menu. That is strange.

    What can I do to test further if it his a front-end updating issue or something?

    Thank you, if the post (and another I commented on during my search clutter up, feel free to delete)

    I also read that on the blog you have stated since 0.9 or something, mailing is built into the nodebb program. I was trying to search more about this in the documentation but have not yet landed upon it.

    If it's not much trouble, could you tell me about this? I would like to get email working with the best advised method. Thank you.

    NOTE: I did not attempt to have multiple plugins on at the same time, as I didn' think it would be appropriate. It might cause issues, so I only kept one at a time and tested one at a time.

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    I think I may have finally pointed it down to:

    After installing plugin, one must restart nodebb, then one must log out, then log back in, otherwise the menu doesn't show.

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    Also, I use zohomail, which uses uses ssl or TLS, which mailer plugin would you recommend?

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    @Hash-Borgir said in No mailer plugins show config page, at all:

    then one must log out, then log back in, otherwise the menu doesn't show

    Not required. Just restart and refresh the page after the restart is complete.

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