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    Is anyone using the slick theme having issues with a scroll bar appearing for the Group Members List? Here is what I see in our build:

    I would expect to see something like this:

    Any help is greatly appreciated.

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    I installed nodebb and it works great with the persona theme, when I try installing it with other themes (even default ones), most or all of the css just does not load.

    This is what shows up with oxide Screenshot 2022-07-29 221632.png
    and lavender (default)

    I tried looking for the css file with ctrl+u, and for lavender

    <link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="/assets/client.css?v=b8eg2pvnjhs" />

    takes me to a not found page.
    Oddly enough, the client.css shows valid for the oxide theme, but I still dont think its all the css for the theme

    For context I am running nodebb v2.2.5 using docker
    my routing also uses docker on a seperate container

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    did it today...maybe nodebb is able to fix it

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    @Bret certainly wouldn't hurt to try 😄

    Back up your db though!

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    A couple of years ago there was also a lower adoption of html5 elements. Having one h1 tag per page is still a good Idea in general, but it is allowable to have one h1 tag per containing article tag as well. Since this theme does not seem to use tags like article and aside (that I've seen in my quick check) I agree that there should only be one h1 tag per page which contains the page title or headline. The theme structure is otherwise good, but could definitely use with some contextual revamping of quite a few divs.