ERR value is not a valid float

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  • When navigating to a thread occassionally an error will appear saying:

    ERR value is not a valid float

    Any ideas? I haven't done any major reconfiguration recently.
    Furthermore, I got this error in my nodebb log:

    node_redis: Deprecated: The ZADD command contains a "null" argument.
    This is converted to a "null" string now and will return an error from v.3.0 on.
    Please handle this in your code to make sure everything works as you intended it to.

    Any ideas? Clearly it's an issue with my Redis database but I need to know how to fix it as it accompanies weird sorting issues which really are throwing people off and using the site annoying to use.

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    Not exactly what you want but one would be to use hook and set the title to

    templateData.title = `${templateData.title} | @${templateData.mainPost.user.username}`

    Haven't tested it but it would look like 3.0.0 Upgrade Support Thread | @baris | NodeBB Community

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    @mattdjuk You can do a search for the string emailer.send( in src/ to see every invocation of the emailer.

    From the first argument passed in, you can see which template it attempts to use, and the third argument shows the template data passed in.


    await emailer.send('notification', uid, { path: notification.path, notification_url: notification.path.startsWith('http') ? notification.path : nconf.get('url') + notification.path, subject: utils.stripHTMLTags(notification.subject || '[[notifications:new_notification]]'), intro: utils.stripHTMLTags(notification.bodyShort), body: body, notification: notification, showUnsubscribe: true, })
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    Hi all,

    I really need to extend invite token validity duration.
    As by now when I invite someone, the token is valid for only 24h.
    How can I change that ?
    Would be possible to extend for a week ?

    Thanks in advance,

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    @rod That will be taken care of in the next release. Already fixed in the master branch.

    validator.js warning · Issue #4154 · NodeBB/NodeBB

    getting this warning in log when browsing categories, category, groups etc pages (which ever uses validator) warning: you tried to validate a undefined but this library ( validates strings only. Please upda...


    GitHub (

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    so in template.js templating engine i want to increment variables so i can have something like j++, where j is an integer variable beinging incremented by 1, is there any way i can have variables or simply have statements in the templating engine - so i can initiate variable and then increment it?

    thanks 🙂