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  • I'm using considering NodeBB for a roleplaying forum with some friends, and I was wondering whether it might be possible (or if there's already a plugin) to allow users to set a category-specific nickname. For instance, user pants0nf1re is playing in a D&D game hosted on the site, with the character name of Fandrelas the Wise. He's also playing in a sci-fi campaign, with the character name Jason Thompson. Would there be a way to let him post as Fandrelas the Wise on the D&D threads and as Jason Thompson on the sci-fi threads?

    This started out as a private Discord server with one game, where both the players and the GM could have their character name as a nickname, but we've started branching out and allowing other games onto the server, making things a little more confusing.

    Thanks in advance. 🙂

  • as far as I know- no. this is not a feature of nodebb.
    fwiw you can have an addon made for this.

  • Everything is possible but no I have not stumble across this feature! Check if you could make a plugin for it or maybe someone here kan make it for you if you pay some $ 🙂

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