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  • Hello,

    I am testing nodeBB which is the greater candidate to migrate our old phpBB forum 👍
    However we encounter a problem with the importer-phpbb (tested psychobunny, jskorepa version...)
    Tested with version 1.0.3 (according to the documentation) and 1.0 and phpbb 3.0.7

    Problem : during the convertion, topics are created with the initial message, but when it go on the posts populating step, first message is duplicated.

    I had opened an issue on github @psychobunny but the problem seems to be global on all the importer-phpbb.


  • Found *** a partial but incomplete *** solution 👍

    Copy paste this in /src/routes/debug.js
    Then start : ./nodebb dev

    Run : http://yourforum/debug/remove-op

    This clean the duplicate posts 👯
    But posts count is not updated. I will search for that.

    EDIT : not clean, some topics with one post are empty now... and i didn't find for the moment how to update the postcount...

  • Found nothing interesting about this behaviour so i up this thread.
    Some of ours posts are duplicated not the older ones... Strange.

    You can have a look at https://beta.entiamot.com to see the convertion results with the duplicated posts.


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