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    Hi Team NodeBB,

    I am trying to create plugin to add one set image/icon field in the user setting page (user/username/settings) and this value display after user name in topic list page.

    var Plugin = {}; console.log('outside - called properly'); Plugin.addCustomFields = function(hookData, callback) { console.log('Custom Field function is called properly'); // Add your custom fields to the `fields` object here hookData.custom_field_1 = { type: 'text', required: true, title: 'Custom Field 1' }; }; module.exports = Plugin;

    could you please guide me which method i need to use and for image/icon field how to write filed attribute?

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    After install "nodebb-plugin-sso-beer-qq", my server crashed and nginx return code 502.

    After reset all plugins, my server is back to normal again.

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    I wrote a plugin for OpenLDAP.
    It overrides the default login and falls back to local login if the user is not found in LDAP.
    It also creates all groups found in LDAP and automatically joins the user into them.
    Using it as an alternative login is not implemented as I couldn't figure it out quick enough. It should be easy to do - feel free to add a pull request.

    The source is on github. Pull requests are welcome!
    Please be kind, my JavaScript skills are limited.

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    @PitaJ I just started with VS Code, thanks for the motivation to try something new.

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    Hey guys. I recently picked up NodeBB (needed it for a client) and it was (still is) awesome. However, I need help with Plugin development. I could have sat down and dissect the docs (which seems scatterd BTW), but I am super duper busy. . . And I wish to develop the plugin ASAP. So I need a link or anything (blog posts, Youtube videos, books, etc) to get me started. A blog tutorial that outlines the plugin dev process and probably builds a sample plugin would be super helpful....

    And BTW, my Nodejs skills is about 6 on a scale of 10, so a dummy approach would be highly appreciated.