Is it "possible" to create create auto-recommendation plug-in?

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  • Hi guys, this is not really a request but rather asking for guidiance:

    Is it possible, just possible, to create a plug-in that can automatically send out recommendation (or ads) after a user post a topic? The result would be look like the following:


    The reason why I ask is because I was told by a few NodeBB professionals (at least I assume they are) that such function is impossible to do because

    "NODEBB FRAMEWORK does not allow it". A.K.A It is beyond NodeBB's potential to achieve such thing.

    Thus I sincerely ask everyone who are familiar about this: is it really true that NodeBB cannot achieve it? If truly cannot, is it really the framework issue (aka way beyond what NodeBB can do)? If not true, can anyone suggest any direction?

    Thank you for your time, I sincerely appreciate any help from you guys.

  • I may be wrong but I can not see any kind of reason to not be able to do that. It could even be a simple plugin!

  • This is like, totally do-able.

  • Everything is possible with plugins. If I am wrong it would be nice to know why!

    "few NodeBB professionals " who said this?

    We have a lot of nice developers in this forum that would like to get paid for project like this. My node.js skills are still small. If i where you I would create a thread looking for a nodebb dev or star learning to code in node.js. Sometimes its just more easy to let someone make stuff for you with a small amount of $

    Ask @yariplus 🙂

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