Pop-Up message by entering a category

  • First of all, my english is not very good. I hope you guys will understand my plugin request good.

    I was thinking about a plugin that pop-ups a message with some extra information about that category or to warn users what content there is in a category. Like adult stuff or spoilers from movies.

    I made in photoshop an example for how it could be displayed.

    If the category is clicked on the pop-up will appear and users can choose if they want to continue to the topic or category or not.

    It's easy for topics or categories to give people extra information or to show a message if there is any adult content or something like that in it.

    I don't know how much time it would take to make something like this and if somebody want to make this.

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  • Admin

    This could be something you can add using the custom HTML section of the ACP... perhaps...

    	$(window).on('action:ajaxify.end', function () {
    		if (ajaxify.data.template.category) {
    			bootbox.alert('This category contains some explicit material');

    Now, you'd want to edit the conditional so that it only fires on a specific category... and instead of bootbox.alert, you'd want to use a bootbox.dialog with two buttons...



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