redis memory usage increasing (nodebb + mongodb & redis).

  • @barisThanks for the reply.

    Nothing else should be using redis on the server. Apart from nodebb we just have a wordpress site on it, and service up static content from nginx.

    Here's the full redis info

        "aof_current_rewrite_time_sec": "-1",
        "aof_enabled": "0",
        "aof_last_bgrewrite_status": "ok",
        "aof_last_rewrite_time_sec": "-1",
        "aof_last_write_status": "ok",
        "aof_rewrite_in_progress": "0",
        "aof_rewrite_scheduled": "0",
        "arch_bits": "64",
        "blocked_clients": "0",
        "client_biggest_input_buf": "0",
        "client_longest_output_list": "0",
        "cluster_enabled": "0",
        "config_file": "/etc/redis/redis.conf",
        "connected_clients": "20",
        "connected_slaves": "0",
        "db0": "keys=5814342,expires=5814342,avg_ttl=1206519971687",
        "evicted_keys": "0",
        "executable": "/usr/bin/redis-server",
        "expired_keys": "0",
        "gcc_version": "4.9.2",
        "hz": "10",
        "instantaneous_input_kbps": "1.64",
        "instantaneous_ops_per_sec": "15",
        "instantaneous_output_kbps": "2.22",
        "keyspace_hits": "438506",
        "keyspace_misses": "3627",
        "latest_fork_usec": "40722",
        "loading": "0",
        "lru_clock": "15957072",
        "master_repl_offset": "0",
        "maxmemory": "0",
        "maxmemory_human": "0B",
        "maxmemory_policy": "noeviction",
        "mem_allocator": "jemalloc-4.0.3",
        "mem_fragmentation_ratio": "0.26",
        "migrate_cached_sockets": "0",
        "multiplexing_api": "epoll",
        "os": "Linux 3.16.0-4-amd64 x86_64",
        "process_id": "682",
        "pubsub_channels": "2077",
        "pubsub_patterns": "0",
        "rdb_bgsave_in_progress": "0",
        "rdb_changes_since_last_save": "964",
        "rdb_current_bgsave_time_sec": "-1",
        "rdb_last_bgsave_status": "ok",
        "rdb_last_bgsave_time_sec": "65",
        "rdb_last_save_time": "1492351903",
        "redis_build_id": "56206ba45ffc95ca",
        "redis_git_dirty": "0",
        "redis_git_sha1": "00000000",
        "redis_mode": "standalone",
        "redis_version": "3.2.8",
        "rejected_connections": "0",
        "repl_backlog_active": "0",
        "repl_backlog_first_byte_offset": "0",
        "repl_backlog_histlen": "0",
        "repl_backlog_size": "1048576",
        "role": "master",
        "run_id": "774d8aa38bad1c0ed3bab3af7be6a0a23f8b7180",
        "sync_full": "0",
        "sync_partial_err": "0",
        "sync_partial_ok": "0",
        "tcp_port": "6379",
        "total_commands_processed": "965441",
        "total_connections_received": "31",
        "total_net_input_bytes": "382839654",
        "total_net_output_bytes": "1172279275",
        "total_system_memory": "4156342272",
        "total_system_memory_human": "3.87G",
        "uptime_in_days": "0",
        "uptime_in_seconds": "84451",
        "used_cpu_sys": "144.46",
        "used_cpu_sys_children": "1518.90",
        "used_cpu_user": "134.70",
        "used_cpu_user_children": "6927.99",
        "used_memory": "1943342064",
        "used_memory_human": "1.81G",
        "used_memory_lua": "37888",
        "used_memory_lua_human": "37.00K",
        "used_memory_peak": "1943542624",
        "used_memory_peak_human": "1.81G",
        "used_memory_rss": "513413120",
        "used_memory_rss_human": "489.63M"

  • @baris Sorry, didn't reply/tag you correctly - but can't edit post due to the akismet spam filter flagging it on edit (I have noticed this issue with the spam plugin on retropie also when editing posts - even as an admin editing a users post - but that's another issue).

  • NodeBB

    Yeah looks like something is up with the sessions I don't suppose you have that much traffic to have 5.8m session keys

  • NodeBB

  • @baris Thanks for the fix! 🙂

  • NodeBB

    We are writing an upgrade script to delete all sessions on the next version so the memory usage should go down once that is released.

  • @baris Doing the update now. It's taking a long time to delete all the sessions. Can I just clear the redis cache completely in my set-up without breaking anything or use redis commandline to just clear the sessions ?


  • I decided to clear the redis cache completely as I don't think it's going to complete anytime soon otherwise (I assume this is ok, since using mongodb backend).

  • NodeBB

    If you are only using redis for cache yes you can just flush it.

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