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  • I know this probably isn't the right place to post this, but I figure somebody would probably know where to point me.

    I'm doing a conversion from an old phpBB 3.0 forum. So far, things are going swimmingly (although, I've modified the importer heavily to provide a more thorough import).

    One little side-effect I'm trying to fix is that occasionally the bbcode-to-markdown converter leaves some of the phpBB identifiers it puts in the bbcode, and usually only on quoted text.

    As an example, the original bbcode stored in the database looks like [quote:abcd1234]some text[\quote:abcd1234] (the "abcd1234" is a unique identifier it puts in the code to help identify start/end tags]. On almost everything else I can see, it correctly handles those identifiers, but it leaves them at the start of a quote.

    Like so:

    [email protected]

    some text

    I've browsed through the code for bbcode-to-markdown and bbcodejs, but I can't figure out where it's handling those identifiers (which it obviously does because the all the other ones I can see are handled correctly - like bold, italics, lists, etc.)

    Any ideas?

  • @Eric-Ladner Welcome to Nodebb! I actually went through a similar issue when migrating my forum, check this note out about how I fixed it:

    Basically you'd just have to run a custom regex find / replace to strip out those bits you don't want.

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