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    We have 25 languages already, pretty awesome 🙂 Just wanted to remind everyone about our translation team, if you know another language please join our team. Transifex is a very user friendly software, you don't need to know how to code or anything to translate.

    I just realized that we only have en_GB English (as NodeBB team is from Canada). If anybody here is from US and wishes to contribute, it should be really easy to translate (just get rid of our colour's and make it color 😉 )

  • Anime Lovers

    I know this is a slightly old post (almost a month) but I went ahead and joined the English US team. I'll run through it later and check for anything that needs to be made into the US form.

  • GNU/Linux Admin

    @HolyPhoenix The neat thing about Transifex is that if there are keys missing, it falls back to the source language, which in this case is en_GB. So for the US translation, you need only do the odd translations here and there, and the rest will stay as-is. 😄

  • Anime Lovers

    Cool. I started out going through all of it and just copying the text over where it wasn't needed to make it all say 100%. But then I decided to just do what you said and only change the ones that need it.

  • I'm moving on to it for the zh_CN using the new ID Z4Tech.

  • I'm translating it to Albanian, probably I'm the only one using it from here xD but I like it so much I'm doing it anyway.

  • Anime Lovers

    We are new to all this, but I tried to translate some of the strings that where left on the Spanish language ^_^ I don't know how it works if someone has to approve them or not, but we are exited to help with the project.

  • GNU/Linux Admin

    Thanks @SergioNG 😄

    The translated strings are pulled down regularly, so if you'd like them pulled sooner, just send me a chat message. Thanks!

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