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    @gwen said in Disable Akismet spam check for moderators and admins:

    At this time NodeBB blocks all moderators, super moderators and admins to edit a post if a post was flagged as spam by Akismet.

    I need a option to disable the spam check for users with moderator rights.

    Im affraid it has nothing to do with nodeBB. Try reporting this directly to Akismet.

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    Hi all, i create a nodebb forum in my local but i cant open admin panel. settings should not access .so how to access the admin side login. i have this error
    Access Denied
    You seem to have stumbled upon a page that you do not have access to.

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    It would be quite helpful if the plugins that were available for download from the admin panel were required to indicate the NodeBB version they were compatible with, a date of when it was last updated, or things of that nature so that quickly at a glance you can see if something is older or not compatible anymore as simply having the plugins current version is not that helpful with nothing to compare that against.


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    I've been struggling with this and I've posted before and the solution was to run a script and a plugin to have all users Ignore a category. That causes a whole other set of issues.

    The situation is that we have categories that are very noisy and of very low value to anybody but the (usually only 2) participants. For these categories I would like the following "Quiet Mode":

    Topics do not appear in All Unread, All Recent, nor All Popular Topics do not appear in Suggested Topics nor any other widget list Topics do not appear in the email digest Topics would not be considered "Ignored" so they would still show up in pick lists so that you can filter on them.

    If you're good with this, I can file something in Github. I wanted to post here first before.

    This would be in lieu of or 7008 would be in lieu of this.

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    @Desmond-Kyeremeh said in Reply by email:

    A user will automatically be notified about activities on a topic when he creates a topic or comments on one. There can also be a checkbox to allow users to unsubscribe

    My users have this now.