No way to add tags when composer loads through route

  • Hello nodebb devs!

    I'm not sure if this is a bug but for some reason I'm not able to add tags to posts underneath the compositon box when I reach my composer through the '/compose?' route which is an option offered which helps allow users to compose topics from other locations.

    A patch on this would be fantastic! 😉

    If not, how should I enable it if I'm being silly and missing something obvious?

    Thanks for any help anyone may be able to provide!

  • GNU/Linux Admin

    You're not missing anything... the compose route isn't working out as well as I'd hoped.

    Thinking of removing it from core in the next version

  • If you do remove it, replacing it with some method to easily allow users to post to a specific category from a button located on a custom route / custom page would be great though - I'm sure there's already a way I'm not familiar with.

    It's working well for me at the moment with the exception of being able to add tags 🙂

    That being said; where are tags stored in the DB? I'm not seeing them on the posts and haven't seen a '_key: "tag:<tagname>"' thus far; any suggestions? I want to be able to sort posts by tag from within a custom view - I'm pretty sure there's already a way to do this I'm just now sure how.

    Thanks for your prompt response(s)!

  • Annnnd I just realized I can probably just make an ajax call to the /api/tags/tagName route and get all the information I need. 👍

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