Is there a post-approval plugin? [SOLVED - more or less]

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  • I was wondering if anyone has built or is building a plugin that puts posts under 'x' category into a queue where admins must approve them before they show up?

    This would be, for example; for a category where the community could share tutorials but they would need to be looked over before posted live.

    If there isn't a plugin for this, any pseudo code or idea of how to start working on this would also be appreciated as I will start myself.


  • I believe @pichalite made a plugin that did something like this... you'd need to ask him about that 😄

  • @julian It's not a post-approval plugin. It's new user approval. New users can create topics and posts as usual after they register but their topics/posts won't appear for other users until the user is approved by an admin.

    @stickmanray You can use the plugin as a reference on how to hide topics/posts tag tare not approved.

  • Thanks for all the help guys;

    I was able to look through your plugin to get some insight on how to create a solution for my purposes - appreciate it!

    P.S. - I need some rep so I don't have to wait 300 seconds to post haha! I just posted a potential composer bug in the tech support forum 30 seconds before I saw this 0.o

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