Copying a topic to another category

  • There doesn't seem to be a way/plugin to copy a topic to another category. There is a way to move a topic if it's miscategorized, but it would also be useful to clone a topic if it fits multiple categories.

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    @bbb cloning topics is messy business. Do the replies get copied? Do later replies get copied? I suggest using tags if you have a lot of overlapping categories.

  • That's a policy decision. I can see at least two practical solutions:

    1. Copy only the original post, and let the topic have a life of its own.

    2. Copy only a reference to the topic, so it's in effect a different view of the same topic, and replies to any views show up in all views.

    Tags don't quite address the problem.

  • @bbb If you move the topic from one category to another, you will have a "reference" to that topic in the first category. Probably if you move the topic more times, you will have more references in more categories.

  • @Giggiux Not sure what you mean. If you move a topic from one category to another, it disappears from the first category. I was suggesting the capability to have the same topic listed under multiple categories.

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