Does NodeBB support OAuth 2.0? I need to make a SSO using our forum data.

  • Anime Lovers

    As the title says, is there any way to make a SSO plugin using our forum data?

  • Admin

    Unfortunately I don't believe so. There's no plugin that lets NodeBB be an OAuth 2.0 provider at this time. It's low priority for us 😞

    You could contact us to fund development if you're interested?

  • Anime Lovers

    I'm developer, all I need to do is to add new functions to our product even though it is non-profit. If I were successful business man, I would help us doing that.
    But, on put it in another way, every forum using NodeBB has its users and their user data-structure are easy to read in another NodeBB based forum, that is to say, to share forum users is feasible. Secondly, sharing user data can obviously enlarge users to the forum maintainers and thus improves the statistics on each forum. Thirdly, there will be more forums willing to cooperate with NodeBB and other NodeBB based forum to gain exposure. All in all, it is worth implementing this.

    What is the main concern on it? Is it difficult to finish a OAuth 2 strategy based on NodeBB? or there would be a great change on data structure if you were to implement this? or you don't have much time to do that? Any technical problems can share to us.

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