Digital Ocean one click app?

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    So i was reading a post a while ago about digital ocean making a one click app for nodebb. I use digital ocean and love nodebb. I was wondering if digital ocean recently has said ye or ney on it? Or where we could get an email address from DO to bug them to make it? 😛

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    @Velocification Well I can't find the exact post now but if I remember correctly @Julian recently indicated a one-click installer was being reviewed right now over at DigitalOcean and it sounds very much like the ball was in their park.

    Something I noticed when looking for a nodeBB installer in the DO marketplace, before @Julian revelled this insight, I was using Ctrl/CMD + F for the term "nodeBB" (because there are so many one clicks now) it appears to highlight hidden text in a few places. Weird. I dunno if this is a bug but maybe there is a invisible placeholder waiting to be sprung. I should have looked at the pages source code to see what it was.

    I don't know if anyone has any hosted images out there either than might make a difference.

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    Still waiting on them to get back to me about the image 😄 Sorry there's no news on that front yet!

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    It's like waiting for Santa!!! Do we have any feedback at all from the guys and girls over at DO?

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    @julian said in Digital Ocean one click app?:

    Still waiting on them to get back to me about the image 😄 Sorry there's no news on that front yet!

    any update on one click app?

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    This post is deleted!
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    I'm all for honest opinions, but I should clarify here that it's not DigitalOcean that's dragging their feet, they did eventually get back to me, and now the blocker is me 😊

    I've just been quite busy, and it's not terribly high up on my priority list, as similarly to @gotwf, I also prefer to roll my own stuff.

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    @julian Ah, my bad. I remember this thread from ten months ago (cuz I was wondering then why, why? NodeBB is so easy to deploy. It is what comes after that takes work.). Appreciate the correction. Evidently I was in error w.r.t. the blocker. Mea culpa!

    I was a bit self conscious when I wrote it and since the ball's in yer' court comments about potential one clickery alternatives are no longer relevant nor helpful so it's history.

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