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    @a_5mith said:

    @meetdilip was that all the feedback they could give you? "It looks odd"...

    you could use one of the other bootstrap themes under skin in the ACP. Or create your own, psychobunny made a great tutorial on his blog, . Oh and 4.2 is a long way off. 0.4.2 was released last week, and unless they've been secretly working undercover, I'm not seeing a new theme quite just yet.

    Why not look into convoes theme, it could beut exactly what you're looking for. 👍

    None of them were kind enough to go into details. But may be plan colours I use is the culprit. I am basically an admin than a webmaster. So creating my own theme is a bit too much for me. May I ask a help ? Could someone prepare some images for tiles ? I am still not sure what size of images should I use ? And also even with open in new tab plugin the links are opening in the same window. 😞

    Sorry, if I sound rude. I just conveyed in exact form.

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    @meetdilip Certain aspects I can help you with, but creating a theme is something I charge for. And I'm not taking on paid work at the minute.

    As for your tiles, that's simple enough, best size I've found is about 450x450, then set the container to cover in the ACP. This makes sure that you don't get the background repeating x when you're on a tablet or mobile which has wider tiles. As for what images you want, that's entirely up to you, but do bear in mind any copyright laws etc, you could try somewhere like dreamstime or even google searching for the image you want, followed by stock photo, or use this website to help you find free images. You can then open them in photoshop, or if you don't have photoshop, GIMP is free (and badly named) and will allow you to crop and change the image sizes.

    As for the opening in new tab plugin, I'm not sure, you'd need to speak to the author. I'll have a look at your site briefly and see what I can see.

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    Thanks. I am not looking to change the theme at the moment. A few images should do. Thanks for the sources. In which format I should use them ?.png, .svg or .jpg ?

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    @meetdilip jpg is fine. 👍 It's what I use for mine.

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    • .jpg: Does not support transparency, generally uses lossy (= loss of quality) compression. Said lossy compression is actually optional, but most image editors apply it by default when saving in .jpg format and once this loss of quality has occurred (i.e. in an image fetched from the 'net), it cannot be reversed.
    • .png: Supports transparency, lossless (= no loss of quality) compression. Due to this however, bigger images tend to have a larger file size in .png than they do in .jpg.
    • .svg: File format for vectored images. Scales infinitely (= maximum quality, so matter the size you display the image at or the quality of the screen (i.e. normal DPI vs. Retina). Generally has a small file size. Not supported in IE8 and earlier.
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    @julian Believe he's tried that plugin, but is out of date, possibly. 😆

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    Will there be a new theme for version .5?

    Just curious (from an excitement for the next version standpoint). The current themes are already leaps and bounds better than other forum scripts.

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