Can't post, javascript not loading

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  • I received reports that our NodeBB forum was not working properly. When I checked, clicking the New Topic button does nothing. Clicking Login to enter the admin console opens a new tab saying "forbidden".
    I checked the browser console and see two errors:


    Uncaught ReferenceError: require is not defined at login:439

    I'm not sure why nodebb.min.js is not loading. If I try to open that url in the browser, it does not work, but does work if I remove the query string.

    I upgraded to latest NodeBB and it still doesn't work.

    For more context, I had been doing some server maintenance last night and may have caused a problem. I changed nothing in the nginx config for NodeBB. I did reboot the server and had to manually start NodeBB.

    Is it possible that there is a service that I also need to start manually? Help!

  • I forgot to add something that could be important. I had upgraded nginx to 1.10.1. I believe it was 1.4.x before.

  • This is resolved. For anyone who comes across this later, the solution was to downgrade nginx to 1.4.x. This is due to issues with websockets in later versions.

  • This post is deleted!
  • Well, this is new... and kind of concerning. I'm sure the nginx devs will receive reports of this and resolve it...

  • I've got the latest nginx, 1.10.0, running on my server (coming down from Ubuntu 16.04) and have no issues.

  • @julian I found this after re-reading the NodeBB NGINX configuration docs

    nginx must be on version 1.4.x to properly support websockets. Debian/Ubuntu uses 1.2, although it will work there will be a reduction in functionality.

    Previously, in the same doc:

    NGINX version v1.3.13 or greater

    I'm not sure if that is just a sign of an outdated doc, or if there is actually some type of incompatibility (which apparently doesn't surface everywhere). All I know is that by reverting to 1.4.x, all functionality was restored.

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