nodebb-plugin-write-api failing to load admin page

  • Hi,

    I am running NodeBB v1.4.2 fronted by NginX and trying to play with the write-api plugin. I installed the plugin following the instructions from restarted NodeBB, activated the plugin and restarted NodeBB again.

    I can see a new entry in the Plugins menu saying "Write API". Please see image:

    However, when I clicked on "Write API", it led to a non-existing page:

    I am not really sure what I am doing wrong here. Can someone please help?

    Thanks in advance!


  • try to reload -> restart.

    or use './nodebb build' if it not work well.

    one of them save my life with newest version of nodebb

    [xD edited]

  • Thank you @Iamt2a. I tried all those, but no luck so far :-(.

  • Admin

    ./nodebb build, not rebuild.

  • Hi @julian,

    Do I need to rerun nodebb build each time I install a plugin outside of the UI? I was hesitant because I thought since the build script changes the state of the db, there is a chance I might lose data. Should I back up my db each time before I run nodebb build?

    Thank you!

  • Admin

    @tin The build process does not touch the database at all :smile:

  • Thanks @julian! Works now. Seems like we'll have to rerun build each time we npm install a new plugin :smile:

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