Just saw this markdown editor while browsing stack overflow.

  • Translator

    It catched my eye how similar it its to the nodebb default composer.

    Would a web versión of this fit the nodebb needs?


    I think it would be great to be able to not worry about this aspect on nodebb and simply attatch markdown as a dependecy like this.

  • Admin

    Looks like a standalone app as opposed to a web library, unless I misread.

    In any case, we don't typically offer compatibility with X markdown editor or whatnot for a variety of reasons:

    1. Markdown can be disabled in favour of other parsing languages (like BBCode, etc)
    2. There needs to be support for post-related functions offered by the existing composer, such as topic images, file uploads, tags support, etc.

    The short of it is, it takes quite a bit of work to ensure compatibility and full functionality, which is why at current we only support default and redactor.



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